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Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is a semi permanent makeup procedure that uses pigment designed to resemble the colors and techniques of eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner enhances the appearance of your eyes and is 100% smudge proof. You’ll never have to worry about rubbing off your wing again. The permanent eyeliner procedure is the perfect solution for individuals who are on the go or just hate the hassle and mess of applying it every day.


Eyelash Enhancement

Recommended for a more natural look, this eyeliner sits directly on top of the lash line blending into your lashes for a more framed and outlined appearance.


Smokey Eyeliner

A unique technique that gives your eyes a bold and sexy look while maintaining a soft delicate effect. A natural gradient “smokey” color from the top line of the eyeliner.


Winged Eyeliner

This eyeliner gives your eyes a bolder look. Perfect for those individuals who wear winged eyeliner regularly, this will save time and effort.

Eyeliner Colors


Permanent Eyeliner - FAQ

+ Q. How long does permanent eyeliner last?

Permanent Eyeliner can last up to three years depending on habits and lifestyle. We recommend clients schedule a touchup after the initial procedure to ensure saturation and help hold better results.

+ Q. Will the procedure hurt?

A topical anesthetic cream is applied to the area before the procedure to minimize the level of discomfort. While everyone’s pain levels vary, it is possible you may feel a slight level of discomfort.

+ Q. How long is recovery?

Healing can take up to 10 days. Clients can expect to see scabbing appear on treated areas for the first four days, along with sensitivity to the touch. It is also normal for there to be patchy sections and fading of color during the first two weeks as the skin is still healing. The pigment will return to the surface in about  15 days. 

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