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Michelle F.Martinez

Beso Beauty, LLC, was founded by owner and Microblading technician, Michelle Martinez. Michelle began the ‘Beso’ brand with sister company Beso Makeup, LLC, in March 2013. With a background in art, she began her career in the makeup industry at the age of sixteen with her very own studio. Ambitious at a young age, Michelle immersed herself in the cosmetic industry and never looked back. 

Michelle was first introduced to permanent cosmetics by her mother during her high school years. Her mom worked part-time as a permanent cosmetic technician and was the first to teach Michelle the fundamentals of cosmetic tattooing. This is what prompted Michelle to later study and receive certification as a permanent cosmetic technician. 

After years of hard work and dedication, Michelle was able to make her vision a reality when she first opened Beso Makeup. As a self-proclaimed ‘workaholic’, Michelle is constantly looking to perfect her work and began to research and explore different forms of cosmetic tattooing. As she ventured into new techniques she found that she liked the ease and precision of the manual tools. Always one to stay innovative, Michelle came across a relatively new technique, Microblading. She was amazed at the results and was excited to offer them to her clients. Submerging herself into work, Michelle Martinez has become one of the most sought-after artists in the New Orleans area. 

Full of knowledge and a desire to teach, Michelle opened Beso Beauty, a school of Microblading. In an industry that has become commercialized, Beso Beauty was formed to keep the integrity in the permanent cosmetic world. Beso Beauty is dedicated to providing each student with the necessary tools and knowledge for a successful career.

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