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Professional Teeth Whitening

For some time, there has been consistent consumer demand for whiter, brighter teeth and an attractive smile. 
Professionally administered (in-office) tooth whitening, also known as dental bleaching, is a popular esthetic procedure and can be performed using a wide range of techniques and application protocols. We also offer at-home whitening with custom-fitted trays, which patients use to apply professional-strength bleaching gel (for use at night or during the day). 

Teeth Whitening Packages



This package includes Blue LED Light that helps to Increase the teeth whitening process without radiating heat to the teeth. Also includes custom whitening trays.




This package includes the use of hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel to whiten the teeth. This product is FDA Approved, Vegan, Certified Gluten free. Also includes custom whitening trays.


Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 2.44.10 PM.png


This pack includes custom bleaching tray you can use on your teeth in the comfort of your home with our custom professional grade trays and whitening gel.


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