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Choosing a Microblading Technician: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

At Beso Makeup we receive several phone calls each day about Microblading. Clients usually want feedback about the procedure before they book an appointment. This is pretty understandable seeing that eyebrows are such an important attribution to physical appearance. One of the hardest parts about Microblading, is finding the right artist. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Microblading technician:

1.) Is the staff knowledgeable? When calling to book a Microblading appointment, it's a relief when the person on the other end is informative. When the staff is well-informed on Microblading, it usually means they have a well-informed Microblading technician. When a Microblading artist has a busy schedule they rely on reception to answer most Microblading questions. An artist that has taken the time to properly educate the staff shows commitment and dedication to the service they offer.

2.) Does the Microblading artist give feedback? When talking to the artist, be receptive of their body language. An artist that seems confident is usually because they are. If an artist is unable to answer general questions or has a hard time explaining the procedure, they most likely are not qualified to perform Microblading.

3.) Is the artist certified to perform Microblading? Like in most states, the Department of Health regulates permanent cosmetics in Louisiana. Some artist will state that they are licensed Estheticians or have taken Microblading courses to showcase qualifications, however, only the LDH (Louisiana Department of Health) can certify artist to perform Microblading. An inspection with the Department of Health must be performed before any artist or facility can begin offering services. Upon completion of the inspection, the facility and the artist will receive approval with the LDH (at least in Louisiana) if they have met all department standards. The facility will be given a permit for operation and the artist will receive a certificate of registration. If you are unsure of the technician or facilities standing with LDH, ask to see their registration certificate and permit.

The board of cosmetology DOES NOT regulate Microblading or any other form of permanent cosmetics in most states, including Louisiana.

**This information is readily available to the public. Visit the LDH website to learn more:

4.) Ask to see their work. Artist are required to take pictures of their work to have on file. They don't need to take pictures of every client that walks in the door but they should have a substantial amount. This will give you a chance to see that persons work and give you a clearer image of what to expect.

5.) Are they clean? Microblading has become quite popular, so, don't be surprised if you see it offered at the most unlikely places. Take extra precaution when selecting the location of your Microblading service. Microblading, after all, is an invasive procedure. You will want to go to someone who is ethical and maintains a clean work space. Take the time to look at your surroundings and make sure the facility is well kept and free of any harmful debris or waste. You will want to make sure you go to someone who abides by LDH disposal and sanitation regulations and has a current blood borne pathogens certification.

6.) What tools do they use? Ask the artist what type of tool they use to perform Microblading. They should only use one of two tools. The first is a stainless steel re-usable hand tool. If the artist uses a re-usable tool, only the blades are interchangeable and disposable. Reusable tools can be very cost effective for the artist but they must be used and sterilized properly. Typically, an autoclave is used to sanitize these tools. Autoclaves should undergo routine spore tests to ensure it is being properly sterilized. The second option, a disposable single-use hand tool which comes pre-sterilized and pre-packaged. Disposable tools can be a bit pricey for the but it helps to ensure sanitation.

Microblading can lead to some fantastic results. The last thing you want to worry about is whether the person doing your Microblading is qualified or not. There is a ton of information about Microblading on the web now, so there is no excuse to not do your research. Utilize the information out there to help you make the most informed decision possible!

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